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Get Smart brain formula

           CDP choline
           Huperzine A
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Get Smart ingredients

Aniracetam and Oxiracetam are nootropics that improve communication between the two brain hemispheres thereby improving creativity and critical thinking.  more info

Centrophenoxine and CDP Choline raise brain acetylcholine levels thereby increasing alertness and attention span and improving learning ability.   more info

Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata) is found in Chinese Moss and enhances mental functioning by prolonging the life of the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine thereby improving concentration and attention span.   more info

Vinpocetine is a periwinkle plant extract that:
1. dilates arteries of the brain but does not dilate other blood vessels.
2. improves the brain's utilization of glucose.
3. increases ATP within the brain's neurons.

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Gastrodin is an orchid extract that has shown to calm the mind and slow brain aging.

Galantamine is extracted from the snowdrop plant (a type of daffodil) and is approved by the FDA as an Alzheimer's treatment under the brand name Reminyl. In addition to its use for Alzheimer’s, people of various ages including students use Galantamine as an aid to improve their memory and learning ability.

1) Galantamine inhibits acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine (the brain neurotransmitter necessary for learning and memory).

2). Galantamine stimulates brain nicotinic receptors and reduces the build up of amyloid plaque (deposits containing amyloid peptide and dead neurons) in the brain
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"My dad is doing well on Get Smart also. I can tell when he's run out because he pauses, searching for the right word to use in a sentence."

Get Smart has had a profound effect upon my father-in-law. We were really worried because we were losing him and we thought he would need custodial care. Now he is back to his old self and coming up with new ideas."

"My 9 year old son has improved a lot since he began taking Get Smart. His reading is getting better and he can speak better now too. He used to get frustrated because he couldn’t organize his thoughts well enough to express himself. He’s able to communicate better and he even talks more now. He’s getting his home work done and he focuses better. His social interaction has improved.

We took him for a second testing at the learning center. They gave him 10 different tests which lasted half a day and he improved in every test from the previous time. He jumped from below first grade to 3rd grade level in vocabulary. His math score came up, his critical thinking improved, every score was higher. He’s playing better baseball now also. I don't know if Get Smart has improved his kinesthetic awareness or not but I know Get Smart can improve your reaction time because it improved my reaction time."

"Get Smart has really helped me at work learning a new job. Interestingly I've noticed that it seems to have improved my reaction time. Now when I open the medicine cabinet and something falls out my reactions are so quick I catch it by reflex.  It surprises me because things used to always fall into the sink before.  My dad is doing well on Get Smart also. I can tell when he's run out because he pauses, searching for the right word to use in a sentence."


Serrapeptase silkworm enzyme
    12 bottles for $120    
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"My friend accidentally hit his wife in the hand with a hammer and her hand became discolored and a lump developed and she had a burning sensation in her hand.  The injury was 2 weeks old when I gave her a bottle of serrapeptase.  Her hand healed quickly and she was amazed that the lump disappeared and a cyst she had dissolved."
"I am mildly asthmatic and for as long as I can remember, I have suffered from nasal blockage. This has dramatically reduced and more often than not, vanished, since I started to use serrapeptase."

My friend's Mom (in her 70's) had been barely creeping along for years with a walker, and suddenly she was using no walker, no cane, nothing to help her and she was walking just like anyone else!  Well, when I inquired, I learned she was taking Serrapeptase!  She went from walker to nothing in 6 days!  I figured I had nothing to lose so I ordered it and within 48 hours ALL my pain was gone!"

"My hemorrhoid disappeared. It had been my friend for 30 years but I don't miss it one bit. Also my blood pressure is down 10 points. I think serrapeptase is great."   
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NAC eye drops

"It looked like my dog was wearing contact lens.  Now you can see half of the brown color in one eye and the brown in the other eye is getting larger.
She didn't use to move around much but now she chases our other dog around the house and doesn't run into anything.

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